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Miria's adventures on Livejournal have come to an end thanks to Livejournal's dickery. Please update your bookmarks to [personal profile] guardianofearth for future updates.
[Video snaps on, and one can see Miria and her partner in one of the offices of DATS' Headquarters.]

Have you still been having those episodes?

They haven't been happening too often, but it feels like they have been getting worse when they do.

Pain in the ass. It makes you too unreliable. I wish whatever was causing the problem would just resolve itself already.

You know that isn't going to... [Miria starts coughing.]

Uh, Miria? [Randar starts looking at her worriedly.]

[The HSAT holds up a finger for a moment signaling that she's trying to stop coughing long to answer, but she can't seem to stop. Before long, she's crouching down and hugging her stomach in pain.]

Okay, lets go get you looked at. Maybe someone can help get this one over faster... Wait, it smells like circuits burning. Miria, what's happening?!

[Miria manges to get something out that sounded remotely like, "don't know", between coughs. She tries to get up, before losing balance and falling over. This time she manages to whimper a weak, but audible, "help". The HSAT then curls into a ball and continues hacking away.]
Happy Birthday, Kaikua'ana! I hope you're feeling well today. If not, maybe these will help a little.

[Attached for Rei: A few wrapped gifts: A book called "Technology for the Country Mechanic", another book called "Tales from the Golden Content", hot cocoa mixes, a soft warm blanket, a back massage pad , and a MP3 player filled with relaxing music.]
Commander Suguru, I have an update on Fluttershy's status. Her injuries are currently being treated at Tetha Hospital. From what I've been told, she should make a full recovery.

[Locked to DATS leadership]
Unfortunately her digimon partner, Fairy, has runaway. Thankfully, she is no longer dark evolved anymore. I'm not completely sure, but I think Ms. Fluttershy may have the power to stop dark evolutions. She was actually able to stop her partner just by staring her down and talking firmly. Actually, I think I'd be easier if I show you a video of what happened.

[Attached: Memory file of the incident.]
I met a Cybertronian during the creation festival called Starscream. He was nice enough to me and the guards were not bothering him, but his mark looked different then the ones the Autobots have. I'm wondering just where he stands with us.
Umm, Mr. Onizuka? I'm hoping to be allowed to go to school, and I'm wondering if you have room in your class for me?
I think I was just knocked out somehow. My head is aching like someone just dropped an I-beam on it, and the sky is darker then I remember it being a few seconds ago.
I'll be retuning to DATS shortly to resume work.


I'm sorry that I'm not giving much notice for this, but I am taking time off to be with my family. I just learned that Duo and Allen had been tortured, and are currently recovering at hospital. I'll be available if there is an emergency, but other then that I really want to be available as much as possible to my family during this time.


This is agent Miria. I've captured and incapacitated Hitsuji Sako, and destroyed five creatures which match the description of the Kirigami. Sako will require medical attention when she is brought in. Do you have any further orders for me?



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