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The G.O.E. project

The Journal of HSAT Miria

HSAT Miria (ミリア)
About Miria:

Please note that is page in the process of being updated. Some information may be outdated and no longer relevant.

Character, series-
Miria, A.K.A. The Guardian. She is from The Guardian Legend, an old game for the NES.

Character type-
Main, the whole game revolves around her.

D-Comm colours/symbol-
Red\White D-comm. White G over a red delta for the symbol.

Character appearance-
Miria stands six feet tall, has blue eyes, and long, slightly reddish, brown hair. She wears a white body suit that has red covering her chest and loins. On her feet she wears mechanical red knee-high boots that contain thrusters. Setting on her back is a very large jet pack that contains most of the components used in her transformation.

Fighter Form:
From above, Miria's fighter form resembles a variable-sweep wing fighter jet, with weapons pods loaded under each wing. From the bottom, Miria can be seen somewhat folded up into the fighter above her, but is still mostly exposed.

Character age-
Miria is two months old,however she looks between sixteen, and nineteen.

Character history-

In 2036, the "Jumper Wormhole Drive" is invented, allowing the previously planet bound culture of Earth to reach the stars with ease. This lead to the colonization of Mars in 2038, and extrasolar mining colonies in 2040. These extraterrestrial Mining colonies soon gain the attention of a hostile alien force. Their ships completely level a mining colony in retaliation for trespassing on their territory.

This incident spurred the nations of Earth to realize that if they were to succeed in becoming a power in space, they would have to act as one national entity. As a result, countries slowly merged themselves together. Countries that refused were forced into submission. In 2049, military actions were finished, and the Earth's resources united. However, the next thirty years were spent trying to quell the civil turmoil that resulted from the sudden changes.

In 2079 the Guardian Of Earth Project was started. One of the first tasks developed under this project was the construction of a high powered all-terrain combatant. This task eventually led to the beginnings of the HSAT (Highly Sophisticated Aerobot Transformer -- yes, that is cannon) android.

Yuuki Fukushima, an expert in the field of robotics, and advanced AI, was assigned to the project as its leader. During her work on the HSAT, she proposed to the government to give the HSAT a sentient AI. At the time, even the most advanced AIs still needed human supervision to prevent extremely foolish mistakes (like misidentifying the hostages as the hostage takers). So the idea of an android that would not require human supervision to that extent was very tempting at the time.

Due to the fact that no human at that time could write a sentient AI from scratch, copies of human brain "software" were used to construct the HSAT's AI. The original plan was to pre-load all the training and skills needed for the HSAT to do its job. Unfortunately this ended up overloading the heuristics, and continuously crashed the initialization process (in other words sleeping beauty couldn't wake up because the R&D team had crammed too much information into her head). In the end Yuuki removed a great deal of the preloaded data so that the HSAT, now named Miria, could "wake up". Almost instantly Miria claimed Yuuki as her mother.

Miria, unfortunately behaved like a child, and did not have any of the training preloaded. This rendered her useless for the time being. Yuuki then decided to fulfill her role as mother by teaching, and training the HSAT the old fashioned way.

A month afterward, the Guardian Of Earth Project's headquarters is attacked by separatists. Yuuki is taken hostage, and an inexperienced Miria is forced to engage the separatists alone. Miria manages to blow up the separatists' destroyer, and force those who were left to surrender.

Sometime later, while Miria is on patrol, she suddenly disappears off long range sensors.

Character personality-

Miria is an awkward mix of mature, and childish natures. She has fully developed language abilities, but is lacking in the general knowledge, and life experience departments. Miria has seemingly endless curiosity, and has yet to learn not to stick her nose into things that don't concern her. Miria also has a trust issue -- she is overly ready trust strangers. This doesn't mean she is completely undiscerning, but she rarely questions the motives behind people's actions. Miria also has a bad habit of violating social norms every now, and then. This is due to either not being aware of them, or completely forgetting them when something else has her attention.

Miria usually wants to have as much fun with others as possible. An offer to go play a game is accepted readily, provided she has nothing else she needs to do at the time. If Miria becomes bored, it isn't uncommon for her to search out someone to play with, or trouble to get into. Despite the fact that it is wasteful for her to consume food, Miria loves her candy, and sweets.

Miria seeks to try to keep those around her happy, and as such, tries to take on problems of others. This can lead to her to over extend herself if people don't stop her. It also means she may try get into other people's business without their permission. It should been noted that while seemingly thick hided to the comments and insults of her enemies, she is not so when it comes to the words of those she considers friends. A harsh word from a friend can cause Miria to cringe, or if the comment is painful enough, start crying. She holds her friends dear and their opinions, dreams, and happiness matter to her.

Miria is "instinctively" driven to protect. This aspect of her personality was added in by Yuuki during the design of her AI. She, both fortunately, and unfortunately, will rarely think twice about jumping into trouble to try to bring about a resolution. The problem is she may misinterpret the situation due to her inexperience. As part of her protector mentality, Miria is reluctant to use lethal force unless faced with a serious opponent, or large scale attack. She also does her best to avoid letting a verbal spat deteriorate into a physical confrontation. In Miria's mind, it is not fitting for a protector to abuse the powers, and abilities given to her. However despite her seeming reluctance to fight, one should not underestimate her ability when she does get into a battle.

Character abilities-

Miria is capable of changing between her humanoid, and fighter craft almost at will. While in the fighter form, Miria can reach up to mach fifteen (3 1/3 miles per second, or 12000 miles per hour. While this may seem excessive, consider that Miria may need high speeds to peruse ships with interplanetary engines). Such speed is usually reserved for travel, escape, or pursuit, as attempting to do sudden changes in direction can tear Miria apart. For combat, Miria generally sticks to a maximum of mach 1.5 unless she is dealing aerial enemies. She can also move in any direction. Unlike a traditional fighter jet, Miria can come to a dead stop in air, and even fly backwards. This is done though a small anti-gravity device built into her pack. It should be noted that Miria can only achieve the higher speeds when she is using her jets though. Miria is also equipped with a jumper wormhole dive of her own, although she probably will never be able use it in her time spent in the digital world.

Miria can assimilate technology into herself to enhance her abilities. This ability allows her to absorb new weapons, and equipment. This same ability also allows her to adapt to foreign sources of power. Miria will also grow stronger through combat. Her systems slowly adapt, and improve efficiency though experience. There is a limit to just how far Miria can grow though this ability without outside assistance, or absorbing new tech.

As for offensive armaments, Miria is armed with twin plasma miniguns capable of pumping out hundreds of plasma bolts. She is also armed with a set of missile launchers, two high powered plasma cannons, and a plasma saber. The missiles are a mix between homing, and guided, allowing Miria to do anything from the fire and forget to micromanaging their paths. The high powered plasma cannon fires a slightly slow moving, powerful plasma projectile that is meant tackle heavily armored targets. The plasma saber is Miria's close combat weapon that can burn its way though some of the stronger alloys in less then a second. All the plasma weapons have a blue stun setting that releases electrically charged plasma that can be used to stun her targets. How much of an effect the stun setting has, is dependent on the target, and how many hits Miria can get in. For most humans, just a couple of hits with the miniguns in stun mode will bring them down.

As for defensive equipment, Miria is equipped with a powerful shield system. This shield is also known as "Reactive Shielding" by some due to the fact that it only activates when it is needed. The shield itself is impenetrable, in other words there is no getting around it. Anything coming in contact with the shield is either dispersed, repelled, or destroyed. However, the shield drains constantly while activated, and the stronger the attack it absorbs the faster it drains its supply of energy. Once the supply is depleted the shield goes down, and stays down until Miria can recharge it. The shield is a necessity as Miria is not very sturdy herself, and lacks any substantial armor.

Miria is also equipped with a few tools as well, she has built in scanners, sensors, and communications equipment. She can also interface with a computer systems wirelessly, however, just because she can interface with a system does not mean she has the full run of it. For that, she would need to have hacking skills, which she does not. Miria can also display holograms that can act as screen to display information on, or act as an interface.

As it has been standard practice for almost a century in the military, Miria has been shielded against electromagnetic interference (like EMP). Miria is also protected from most hack attempts due to her AI being copied human heuristics (This won't effect the event virus, due to its method of infection). Even if one does manage to take control of Miria, it will not last forever. Her human heuristics will fight reprogramming, and her equipment assimilation systems will disable and remove unauthorized changes to her hardware (And you thought the Wii's firmware was pesky).

In battle, Miria is capable of taking on large groups of weaker enemies with ease. However, battles with larger more powerful enemies, Miria will usually try to turn the fight into a battle of attrition where she will attempt to work down the target slowly, while using her mobility to evade the majority of the enemy's attacks. Miria's style is skill, and mobility over power or numbers.

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